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Qolsys Spare Tape (QR0023-840) Qolsys Sensor Magnet (QR0030-840) Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Stand (QR0048-840)
Qolsys QR0023-840 Spare Tape

  • Extra adhesive for IQ Mini DW
Qolsys QR0030-840 Sensor Magnet

  • Rare earth magnet for wireless Door/Window sensors
Qolsys QR0048-840 IQ Panel 2 Stand

  • Replacement table stand for IQ Panel 2 and IQ Panel 2 Plus
Qolsys IQ Panel 2 5.5V AC Adapter (QR0029-840) Qolsys IQ Panel 2 7V AC Adapter (QR0051-840) Qolsys IQ Card-IS (QC0003-840)
Qolsys QR0029-840 IQ Panel 2 5.5V AC Adapter

  • Replacement 5.5V/1A power supply for the IQ Panel 2 and IQ Panel 2 Plus.
  • Includes 6' wire with barrel connector.
Qolsys QR0051-840 IQ Panel 2 7V AC Adapter


  • Replacement 7V/1A power supply for IQ Panel 2 and IQ Panel 2 Plus
  • Includes 6' wire with barrel connector
Qolsys QC0003-840 IQ Card-IS

  • The IQ Card-IS is a daughter card that allows you to pair up to five image sensors with your IQ Panel 2.
  • Careful consideration was taken into account by making the image sensor daughter card an add-on panel feature.
  • This stand alone card allows cost savings on the panel so you only pay for this incredible feature on the homes that have image sensors installed.
  • Not compatible with IQ Panel 2 Plus.
Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Battery (QR0041-840) Qolsys QZ2110-840 IQ Light Bulb - Dimmable LED Z-Wave light bulb Qolsys QZ2111-840 IQ Light Bulb - Dimmable LED Z-Wave light bulb FCC ID: 2AC4EDTA1975027 IC: 12S20A-DTA1975027
Qolsys QZ2110-840 IQ Light Bulb - Dimmable LED Z-Wave
Our Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.95
Savings: $10.00
Qolsys QR0041-840 IQ Panel 2 Battery

  • Replacement back up battery for IQ Panel 2 and IQ Panel 2 Plus
Qolsys QZ2110-840 IQ Light Bulb Dimmable LED Z-Wave with 22000 hours of life
The IQ Lightbulb is a bright, dimmable LED lightbulb with a built in Z-Wave radio. Easy to pair and long lasting, its the best way to turn every light socket in your home into a “smart” light.

  • Energy efficient (9 watts)
  • Z-Wave radio built in (communicates directly with the IQ Panel)
  • Universal (fits in any standard lightbulb socket)
  • Strengthens your network (acts as a Z-Wave repeater)
  • Bright (equivalent to 60 watts)

Qolsys QZ2111-840 IQ Light Bulb Dimmable LED Z-Wave with 25,000 Hours of Life

Make your home smarter with the IQ Light Bulb. Customize rules and schedules to maximize user experience.

  • Turn on the light when a door opens
  • Turn off lights when you arm the IQ Panel in “Stay” or “Away” mode
  • Create a custom lighting schedule while you’re away
  • Turn on light when the IQ Motion is activated
  • Turn on a porch light when someone rings the IQ Doorbell

Product features:

  • Fully dimmable, instant-on LED bulb
  • 60 Watts equivalent
  • Low energy consumption (9w)
  • Local control via the IQ Panel
  • Strengthens Z-Wave network and acts as a repeater to other Z-Wave devices
Power Supply: 120 VAC, 60 Hz Brightness: 750 lumens (equivalent to 60 Watt incandescent light bulb) Power Consumption: 9 Watts Color Temperature: 2700K Bulb Lifetime: 25,000 hour (equivalent 22.8 years based on 3 hours/day) Frequency Type: Z-Wave Plus (908.4 MHz/ 916 MHz) Wireless Range: 130ft open air Normal Operating Temp: 77°F (25°C) Repeater: Yes

FCC ID: 2AC4EDTA1975027 IC: 12S20A-DTA1975027

Qolsys IQ Siren (QZ2300-840) Qolsys IQ 16-Zone Hardwired to Wireless Alarm Translator (QS7121-840) Qolsys Image Sensor (v3, S-Line) (QZ8103-840)
Qolsys QS7121-840 IQ 16-Zone Hardwired to Wireless Alarm Translator
List Price: $115.00
Our Price: $115.00
Clearance Sale $65.00
Savings: $50.00

Qolsys QZ2300-840 IQ Siren

  • The IQ Siren is the perfect way to make your alarm even LOUDER when the alarm goes off.
  • Completely wireless it plugs into any standard outlet and even includes 3 LED lights that strobe during alarm events.
  • Acting as a Z-Wave repeater, it strengthens and improves your smart-home network improving the performance of all your devices.
  • Plugs into any standard outlet
  • 3 LEDs strobe during alarm events
  • Clean, discreet look
  • 3-hour backup battery
  • Acts as Z-Wave repeater to strengthen your home network

Qolsys QS7121-840 IQ 16-Zone Hardwired to Wireless Alarm Translator

  • The IQ Hardwire 16 allows you to connect up to 16 hardwired zones wirelessly to the IQ Panel.
  • Automatically learning the sensor’s resistor values
  • It’s easy to install and the perfect solution for existing systems or new construction.

  • LED lighted zones for ease of “learn-in” installation/troubleshooting
  • EOL resistor learning supports 1-10K Ohm resistors.
  • Up to 500 Milliamps of power for hardwired motion detectors, glass break detector, and/or sirens
  • Charging circuit for back-up battery, fully supervised with power outage recover.
  • Input Voltage: 16.0VDC Plug-In Transformer Backup Battery: 12VDC 5AH Max (optional)
  • Dimensions: 5.5” X 3.5”
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 122F (0 to 50C) Humidity: 95% RH Max
  • EOL Supervision: 1K to 10K Ohm
  • Input Zones: 16 (must have resistor)
  • Zone Type: N/O or N/C compatible
  • Auxiliary Voltage Output: 12VDC @ 500mA
  • Tamper Zone: Optional zone input for tamper
  • Relay Contact: 60VDC/1A Max drives siren or other device

Qolsys QZ8103-840 Image Sensor (v3, S-Line)

  • The Image Sensor is a motion sensor with a built-in still camera that can be placed anywhere in the home for easy, wireless, affordable surveillance.
  • If the alarm is triggered the Image Sensor will automatically take pictures and send them to your panel and your mobile device.
  • You can also manually “peek-in” either right now or the next time the Image Sensor detects motion and a photo will be sent automatically to your phone via text or email.
  • View your library of saved images in your mobile app.
  • Pair up to five Image Sensors with the radio built into the IQ Panel
  • Five low light emitters allow for clear photos, even in darkness
  • Combines motion and still images into one device, making installation easy and maximizes affordability
  • Peek in right now, the next time the sensor detects motion, or automatically when the alarm is triggered
  • Images can be received via e-mail or text, or inside your mobile app
  • The motion sensor has a range up to 40′
  • Pet immune up to 40 lbs
  • Versatile mount allows the Image Sensor in corners or wall mounted and is incrementally adjustable
*Requires IQ Card