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Platinum Tools, 10500C, Coax & Round, Wire Cable Cutter,
Platinum Tools 10500C Coax & Round Wire Cable Cutter
Our Price: $8.41

Platinum Tools 10500C Coax & Round Wire Cable Cutter

This durable, economically priced cutter is designed to cut solid and stranded wire to 8 AWG, multi-conductor and coaxial cable to 1/2" diameter. Features a curved, precision ground cutting blade that will not deform the conductors or dielectric you are cutting. Stamped from high carbon tool steel and heat treated for long life.
  • Cuts solid and stranded wire to 8 AWG.
  • Cuts multi-conductor cable to 1/2
  • Cuts coaxial cables without deforming the dielectric.
10531C Platinum Tools 5" Side Cutting Pliers 21° full flush cut high carbon steel rust resistant with a black oxide finish.
Platinum Tools 5" Side Cutting Pliers
Our Price: $9.31

The 5" Side Cutting Pliers are perfectly suited for field or production line work. Use for cutting copper wire or trimming leads with the full flush cutting blades. The tool is manufactured from high carbon tool steel, precision ground and hardened for long life. Molded comfort grip handle. Rust resistance black oxide finish.
  • Cuts copper wire and soft metals up to 16 AWG (.05
  • 21° full flush cut.
  • Spring action.
  • Comfort grip vinyl handle.
Platinum Tools, 10503, Cut-N-Strip,
Platinum Tools 10503 Cut-N-Strip
Our Price: $9.95

Platinum Tools 10503 Cut-N-Strip

The dual function Cut-N-Strip tools' small size and ease of use delivers superior performance and utility of function. The cutting jaws provide a low profile full-flush cut and are manufactured from induction hardened stainless steel for long life. The patented stripper in the handle self-adjusts to wire sizes of 26 AWG to 14 AWG. Catch, hold and strip wire in one quick motion.
  • 26 AWG to 14 AWG.
  • Full-flush cutting jaws.
  • Self adjusting stripping jaws, no stripping holes to locate.
  • For use on copper wire only.
Platinum Tools Pro Drywall Saw
Platinum Tools Pro Drywall Saw
Our Price: $11.86

Designed with the professional installer in mind, the teeth are precision ground for fast and effortless cutting in both directions, push and pull. The blade is extra thick (1.8mm) to prevent bending and breaking during use, whether cutting, punching or scoring.
  • Heavy duty handle designed with a non-slip grip for comfort and safety
  • Hardened blade tip designed to score or punch with ease
  • Clog free hardened steel blade
  • One piece handle and blade design


  • Drywall
  • Plaster board
  • Plastic paneling
  • Plywood
  • Wallboard
  • Ceiling tile
Platinum Tools Cable Splicer's Knife
Platinum Tools Cable Splicer's Knife
Our Price: $14.41

6" nickel plated cable splicer's knife with a comfortable, non-slip grip, weighted handle.
  • Telcom
  • Datacom
  • Security
  • Through hardened, high carbon steel
Platinum Tools 10514C CCS-6 Cable Cutter
Platinum Tools 10514C CCS-6 Cable Cutter
Our Price: $16.96

Platinum Tools introduces the optimal cutting solution for today's VDV (Voice,Data, Video) and security installers. Finally, a compact cable cutter designed to cut coax cable with steel center conductor! Easily cuts through copper and aluminum cable too.

  • Fully tested to 10,000 cuts on RG6 CCS, copper clad steel center conductor, with no degradation to the cutting blades
  • Provides outstanding cutting performance on all types of solid copper wire, twisted pair and coax cables
  • Optimal blade geometry ensures that the cable stays round during the cutting process so connectors are easy to affix to the cable
  • Comfortable PVC handle grips


  • Coax CCS
  • Coax
  • Shipboard
  • Battery
  • Messenger
  • Antenna
  • DBS
  • Drop
  • Ground
Platinum Tools Scissor-Run Electrician's Scissors - 5"
Platinum Tools Scissor-Run Electrician's Scissors - 5"
Our Price: $16.96

An original favorite, this smooth cutting action, scissor-run design is excellent for cutting Kevlar®, foil and wire. Cuts solid wire up to 16 AWG and stranded up to 12 AWG. Strips 19 and 23 AWG.
  • Full serrated bottom blade for non-slip cutting
  • Scraper and file on backside of blades
  • Inside blade is chrome plated for rust protection
  • Easily re-sharpens & holds cutting edge
  • Stripping notches for 19 & 23 AWG wire
  • Screw permits easy adjustment


  • Telcom
  • Datacom
  • Security
  • Electrical
Platinum Tools, 100111C, 110, Non-Impact Tool, with, EZ-Data, Cut Blade,

Lower cost, replace jus
Platinum Tools 100111C 110 Non-Impact Tool with EZ-Data Cut Blade
Our Price: $17.55

Platinum Tools 100111C 110 Non-Impact Tool with EZ-Data Cut Blade
This economical tool now includes the new, patented 110 EZ-Data Cut Blade for a new level of performance. It features a precision ground, replaceable cutting knife with a beveled cutting edge for faster, cleaner terminations. test
  • Lower cost, replace just the cutting knife
  • Faster, cleaner terminations.
  • Use on 110 style keystone blocks & jacks.

Platinum Tools BTK Heavy Duty 8.5" Lineman's Pliers
Platinum Tools BTK Heavy Duty 8.5" Lineman's Pliers
Our Price: $19.95

The Platinum Tools 8.5” Lineman’s Plier is a fresh take on a classic design. For gripping, twisting, bending and cutting wire and cable. The two-tone (TPR) molded comfort grip handle helps make any job a breeze.

  • 6140CrV drop forged carbon alloy steel body
  • hardness level of 45±3
  • blade hardness of 58-61
Platinum Tools 10525C Professional Electrician's Scissors electrical, telephone and datacom
Platinum Tools Professional Electrician's Scissors
Our Price: $20.19

Designed for use in electrical, telephone and datacom service applications. The ergonomically designed large ring provides more power while reducing fatigue and wrist strain. Designed to comfortably fit in the power portion of the palm producing a cleaner, quicker cut with less effort. Bottom blade has serrated teeth the full length of the cutting edge to grip the cable/wire. Thru hardened (RC59).
  • Cuts stranded wire to 12 AWG.
  • Cuts solid wire to 16 AWG.
  • Trims Kevlar in fiber optic cable.
  • Strips 19 to 23 AWG wire.
  • Serrated edges on back of blades for cleaning wire and binding posts.
  • Made in the USA